Flag – Tattered Glory




Tattered Glory has truly been battle tested and has come out the other side stronger than before.  It is our artistic interpretation of our country after the last few years

This wavy flag features deep waves and a tattered worn appearance to really make it stand out in any setting.  Show your patriotic pride with style.  Each flag is hand made and is slightly different from any other flag, so you will have a one of a kind original.  The wood is burned to simulate shadows and damaged simulating scars and battle damage while the flag is still waving proudly.  Stars are carved individually by hand.  Flag is stained Red, White, and Blue.  It is approximately 36 inches by 19 inches and 4 inches thick before the waves are added.

We can customize any of our flags with badge numbers, service branch, name, etc.  Email us to discuss options giles0715@yahoo.com


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